The Band

The group was formed in 2009 by guitarist and singer Éles Gábor and drummer Móré Attila with a goal to establish a unique music language-speaking community. Following a shorter stint with double bass player Lutz János, Szkladányi András (bass) joined the trio.

The three members’ joint music making incorporates elements of soul, jazz, blues and progressive rock. The band primarily plays the compositions of Éles Gábor – the trio’s live performances are characterized by a mixture of lyric and thoughtful, other times energetic and powerful moments.

The dynamic and innovative style of Móré Attila and Szkladányi András’ sophisticated and rhythmic bass provide a vividly breathing and pulsating base for the trio’s music, while Éles Gábor’s unique voice and guitar playing feature a strong influence and respect for blues and soul.

In the past five years the trio has played shows at several international music festivals and in clubs around Hungary.


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