Éles Gábor

Gábor Éles

(guitar, vocals)

Éles Gábor was born into a musical family in 1975 in Budapest. His mother being a jazz singer, his father an upright bass player, jazz, blues and soul music had a great influence on him early in his childhood.

Following his parents’ advice, however, Éles decided to start classical guitar studies. He graduated from Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in 2002.

He is the composer, vocalist and guitarist of the Éles Gábor Trió.

Éles lives near Budapest, in Sóskút with his family. He works as a guitart teacher.

Attila Móré


He was born in 1977 in Budapest. Showing a stong interest and talent in music and drumming at the age of 5, he soon became a classical percussion student. In the ’90s he continued his studies at the Drum-Art drumschool, and has been an active musician since 1994, performing in various styles (rock, blues, pop, soul, jazz) as a session musician or band member with performers and groups like Ferenczy György, Felkai Jam, Tátrai Tibor, Jamie Winchester, Besh o drom, Tóth János Rudolf, Cornelio Tutu Band, Palermo Boogie Gang, etc. Móré has also played at international music festivals (Noordwijk and Gronau Jazz Festivals)


András Szkladányi


Born into a family of classical musicians in 1971 in Pécs, and following years of playing the oboe, Szkladányi took up the bass at the age of 17. Since the early ’90s he has performed in a multitude of styles ranging from hard rock to folk rock, ethno jazz to jazz fusion and blues in bands and tribute bands like Coda, Drums, Szaki.hu, The Miles Davis Corporation, Zappa Tribute Band and Éles Gábor Trió.